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Normale Version: Lei Feng, the simple words
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Lei Feng, the simple words spoken by people who have served the people throughout their lives, have touched countless people. We Sunday, I was at home after I was at the interest class. Suddenly, I saw a person walking on the other with sunglasses. I was very surprised and went forward to find out. Just before I came forward, I heard their conversationg man, thank you very much, have helped me so much!" An old voice came.t be thankful, Grandpa, these are all I should do. Everyone sees it, they will come forward to help. Your eyes are unwell, and you will be slower to go out later!" A loud voice came.lowed them and listened to these words, very moved. When I just wanted to leave, I heard a strange sound. I looked up: it was the road that was repairing the water pipe, the water pipe was repaired, and the manhole cover was not covered yet, so that the grandfather almost wrestled.young man saw it and quickly said: "Grandpa Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, you are slow, the manhole cover here is still not covered, let's go around and go!" The young man finished Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping, and he helped the grandfather to leaveknows, Grandpa pushed the boy's hand, "Grandpa, how are you..." well cover here is not put, it will inevitably make more people wrestle, and if everyone detours, then when can I put it? It is better to put it back in place, which also protects the safety of more people. I didn��t lose much.�� The grandfather trembled and pointed down with a guide stick, and found the specific position of the manhole cover by hand Cigarette Wholesale Price, then explored the wellhead and used all his strength to move the manhole cover. That manhole cover is really not light, and the grandfather��s head has a large sweat of soy beans, and there is no movement. See you, I and the young man went forward to help. After moving, the grandfather even thanked me and the young man, and I shyly went straight home.ndfather��s words made me very moved. Yes, it��s not just about moving the well cover Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes. It��s the same thing that needs to help. From these things, one can often see the morality and cultivation of a person Cheap Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. Maybe someone else accidentally dropped a piece of paper. Don't think that this is something that someone else lost. It's not about me. In fact, the last step at this time is just a matter of raising your hand. Why not do it?er we see those who help others, we always think of the word "live Lei Feng". And the boy and grandfather are all people who help others. It was a good thing for the young man to help the blind, and I was touched; but the words and images of the blind grandfather made me want to wear a glorious title for him - "Live Lei Feng"! Although his grandfather had a bad eye, he did not give up on himself. Instead, he thought about how the society was good to him and thought about how to return to society. I couldn��t help but tear my eyes.ink, in the years to come, I will also like the old grandfather and Lei Feng, first correct their own thoughts and attitudes, and then help everyone who needs help. Dickens said that "the world can not alleviate the burden for others is not a mediocrity." Then, why don't we go to be a mediocrity, why not? ?