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There have been countless nights running on the streets of the city, and the rushing footsteps have driven me to wear a bloated body in the crowd. Countless vehicles, countless people, and I have passed by me countless times Newport 100S, and I am expressionless. Don't care. On the streets where people come and go in the city, watching the passers-by rushing, the surrounding high-rise buildings are ambushing in ten sides. In the deep forest cast by reinforced concrete, I dare not stay at random. It seems that there is a pressure to force this forward, making people intolerant. I entered this colorful city autonomously. Sometimes, I am thinking that a person, a city, is a lonely person; a group of people, a person, is a group of people, and I still have to fall. However, in this city, I met a Chinese lantern and no one would care about the lantern. No one knows when the lantern will light up and when it will go dark. Like a passerby who has passed you, I don't know your future, I don't know where you are going. One side of the city is feasting, singing and dancing, and the other side is soft and faint, and the streets are lonely. There have been countless times in front of the Hua Deng, and the body of the city is so uncoordinated and unmatched. Later, I finally woke up. It turned out that the Hua Deng was also a lonely Hua Deng at the beginning, like a charming girl, stretching the graceful body, dancing with colorful clothes, enchanting the color of this lonely city, this community of people. The city has a bright future, and there are many colors; people have joy and have night songs. The Hua Deng has always been lonely, quietly watching the city from the bustling, quiet and prosperous process, quietly watching the group of people walked by the expression of other people's lives Marlboro Red, Then disappeared into the dark night. When everything is quiet, and quiet enough to make people feel that there is only one city left, the Hua Deng is accompanied by the dawn of the next day, quietly fading away, often walking alone on the streets where people come and go Newport Cigarettes, or On the pedestrian bridge. I will choose an ordinary evening, quietly watching the passing cars, the passing people, and the past days. When the sun is completely submerged under the horizon and the city's lanterns are slowly lit up, I sincerely sigh: What a wonderful moment! At this time, I will think of many people, many things, and many stories about us in those years... In the past, countless bits and pieces of life have emerged like lights mokingusacigarettes.com. The many uneasiness and irritability encountered in this city will turn into a feeling of life and precipitate the bottom of my heart. I don't like it, I don't feel sad, just a person quietly sees another world from the eyes of a group of people. I don't know what the south of the country is, what the west of the sun will be, and I think that under the Chinese lanterns, A kind of desolate. I am helpless, but I don��t know each other. I don��t know each other. Perhaps, when the Hua Lamp is used to becoming a city, the city will forget the Hua Deng. I have been tired of this habit, but I can't get rid of this habit in those quiet years, like the shackles that grow on the horizon, and fall to the eve, but life is also flat. I am trying to find a life that can be passionate and can not be shocked Parliament Cigarettes. You can quietly under the Chinese lanterns, listen to the footsteps of the past, and wait for a dusk to alternate with a dawn. You can also fly and follow the pace of the city along the sunset. Do everything that is your own fast. Whenever the twilight comes, it is a night of glory.
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