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Compared with the
Compared with the bright day of the sun, I prefer the dark and silent night and night, the dark color, as if it can cover everything, and can swallow everything, all the unhappy and unwilling to eat away a little bit, and finally In the dark night, you can be brave enough to be yourself. You can hide in the darkness, silently shed the crystal clear tears, and bury all the sorrow in the sadness of the night soil. Knowing who to confide, you can quietly walk into the night, let the night devour your toes a little bit, then the thighs, torso, head, and finally the whole person is hidden in the night, as if playing hide Cats and cats can't find you in all the pains and smashes in the world. One person quietly stays in the night, slowly heals, licks a bloody wound, heals in the dark, and reborn in the night. In the silence of the night, you can temporarily forget the sorrow, silence in your own dreams, and make one dream after another to make you happy and happy, as if that is the life you want Newport Cartons For Sale, grow one on your back. The white and huge wings, toward the blue sky, toward the dawn, toward the future, soaring and flying, everyone wants to have such a unique time, can quietly heal their wounds alone, in the silent night, a little bit back to the truth, Talk to your own soul and talk to your own soul. I think this is a process of discovering oneself. I talk to myself over and over again, so that my heart can breathe in the fresh air temporarily, relax, and slowly rest in peace. The deeper the night, I think this is why God wants to arrange the night. The sea in the night is so vast that it seems to be able to swallow all the sorrow. I am not alone in the beach Super Cheap Cigarette, because I have in my arms. You, you are so warm, so cute, so charming, expelled all loneliness and melancholy, and pushed me to the "inexhaustible Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping, inexhaustible" happy place. I think all the loneliness when I was young is because I didn't find the one who can make you happy Marlboro Wholesale Price. Because of her lack of participation, life seems so pale, the night looks so lonely Marlboro Cheap Cigarettes, only find her, hand Hands against each other against loneliness, I think we can reconcile with the night, enjoy the beautiful stars of the night, like a diamond, and you are a star on the ring finger, you are perseverance, I am a satellite, This life is all around you. If every dark night can take you to sleep, I don't think I will be lonely, because you are my sun, because of you, my night has turned into a bright day.

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