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world in the face
world in the face of the world war, with the integration of the economy, the country and the country The cooperation between the two is even more intensive. The distance between the East and the West is closer. When the teacher said that the sugar-coated shells also faded out of our historical stage. Although it is said that the new historical mission does not require the slogan of the whole people in the past, in this era of reform and opening up, it is to promote everyone to live a happy and beautiful life. If in this beautiful life, people take a knife every day. Your property, what is the taste of that person's life. Just like a person who just finished the money in the bank and walked out of the bank's door in less than five minutes, he was robbed, just like a huge person who was at home was suddenly stolen, and this example is in our lives. It is already not heard. Maybe our nation is really rich, or the human heart has changed. When people face the robbers under the broad daylight, few people will come out to block them. This is not because I am imaginary. This kind of thing actually happened. I have once had a lover. When I started the company, because I didn��t have time to get the money from the bank, my lover would take the money to the bank on my behalf. When my lover took money out of the bank, my lover was robbed by several gangsters, and at what time it was noon, there were people coming and going on the street in front of the bank, and there were shops on both sides of the street, and I The voice of the lover��s call is seemingly powerless on this street. No one comes to help the murderer. This is the current society and the indifferent society. In today's society, as long as whoever dares to stand up in a critical moment, he will become a hero. In the past, there was very little society in which the group of anti-groups and thieves shouted. I couldn��t help but sigh. What a sad one. a phenomenon. Every time I think about this, I can't help but think back to the early years of the Republic of China. In fact, many people nowadays are like many people in the Republic of China. The personal tail of the cow covers the individual's buttocks. The biggest sadness of the Republic of China is that half of China has been framed by the Japanese. In the current society, the knife of the gangster will be put on your neck sooner or later, and the property on your body will be taken away. This is what I am here today. Mention the meaning of matches, because our society needs too much match, if not, then it is as I said, or some people in our nation are really rich, as I saw in a rule of law column. Similarly, there is a man who lost a million-dollar BMW car for half a year and did not report it. The thief even drove the BMW car and went crazy in the high-end community Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. In the end, the thief was arrested and confessed to stealing the car, but when the police found the owner, the owner still had an indifferent attitude. This is a rich man. In the face of a few million worth of property, I don��t care. I really have two or five cars in the Tomson Golf Villa in Shanghai. There are millions of tens of millions of cars, and the assets of the car are tens of millions, hundreds of millions, not to mention tens of millions of expensive villas. Tens of thousands of square meters of real estate, for thousands of people who were robbed on the street or tens of thousands, for a wealthy person, this is not trivial, so now people are cherishing their lives, for being on the big streets The property that people snatch is not worth the risk of taking risks, because the property that is robbed on the big streets must be a small part, and they are all facing evil and evil, so when people face ugly A few people stand up. If this ethos continues, you say that our society is not at risk. So now there is a Skynet plan on the street, that is, the monitors are installed in the streets and alleys. This is also the country's helpless move Super Cheap Cigarette. If everyone in the society is good and live in peace and contentment, the country needs to spend such a big price on what Skynet plans. In fact, civilization and ugliness exist at the same time, just as there are more and more people in this society, but the same bad people are coming. The more the same society is, the more civilized it is, but the more ugly people are. Why is this? This is caused by the different forms and methods of people pursuing wealth, and why is this said? I don't believe that we can go to see people who commit crimes in society today. For example, street robbery and burglary are inseparable from the economy. Especially the corrupt officials must be related to the economy, and this is not to have more. More wealth. And why this ugly thing was rarely heard before the end of reform and opening up, and after the reform and opening up, such things have sprung up, and they are endless. Although after years of rectification of the country, the public security in the country has changed a lot. Unlike in the past, there were so many cars and roads, and strong buying and selling were not like the bullying and bullying in the past. But there are still a lot of ugliness or people's worries, such as the indifference of people now in the face of ugliness, which does not breed the arrogance of evil people, like the monks who are robbed on the street, whichever time they are captured. Some of the crimes may be bloody debts, and their hands are covered with blood. Why do they make them succeed? It is because the society lacks the courage to be brave, and the match that I said at the beginning is like this society, as long as someone dares to see the courage. It will become a hero, and there are very few people who can be brave in this society. It can be said that people who can stand up in front of danger do not care about two types of soldiers and police Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa. In this dark and growing society, these people alone are not enough. Just like facing a pile of dry wood, it is useless to rely on a few matches. It simply does not catch fire and can not burn flames. . In the face of ugliness, we can't just count on the soldiers and the police to come forward. When a person's energy is limited, this energy will soon disappear or even the world of death is so big. It can't be police everywhere, nor can it always be Policemen. And when we don't have the police, we face ugly. What should we do? Is it just let the gangster's knife stand on our neck and let the gangsters plunder our property from us? If we face a group of such people, we only have One person, then we are as vulnerable as they are to the stone in front of them, so we have to bow in front of them. However, in the streets under the broad daylight, under the eyes of the public, the monks holding the weapon can scare all the people, and watch him succeed in stealing other people��s property, and then disappear into the public eye. Is this not the sorrow of this society? Why is it because of the phenomenon that society will not be formed because the society lacks matches and dry wood, otherwise the gangsters will not be arrogant in the broad daylight, because they are prevented from coming out during this crime, so let them Formed a kind of ethos, no one else, no purpose, no matter what other people's property Cheap Newport Cigarette, such as their own things, if we all have a spirit of match in every society, plus the energy of dry wood, why not our society It won't boil, just like the cold water in the iron pot, as long as it is heated by the fire, it will boil. In fact, society is the same. As long as we are in the face of ugliness, we dare to wipe ourselves like a match. The ugly phenomenon will be much less. If we can have the help of firewood when we wipe ourselves, then when will our society be there? Suddenly boiled up, which ugly can be wiped out in front of us Buy Newport Online, just like the water in the pot, if we keep heating it, it will dry up in the iron pot in the end, in fact, our society is the same. Just like the evil gangsters on the street, if we all stand up, we won��t be scared to death if we don��t want to be a gangster. He��s like a rat crossing the street. He��s going to know him, even if he��s a fierce god. He is facing the people, he can not be frightened. In your past war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation, the Japanese devil is fierce, but in the people's war he rushed out of our country. In the national liberation war, the American equipment we faced, our PLA is even behind, but we are just like them.In fact, the gangsters we face are fierce about your past Japanese devils, but in the people��s war, he ended up failing, and why we can��t be as fearless as the fierce Japanese devils. As I said just now, maybe our nation is rich, so many people have become greedy and fearful of death, know how to save themselves, or the match that I said is not, Chai

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