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The autumn wind goes
The autumn wind goes to the world with an irresistible temperature, changing the temperature in the world. It seems that it was still a hot sun a second ago Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, but it turned into a cold and cold wind in the next second, making people feel the coldness. Some people say that the coldest is not the temperature, but the heart. It takes a long time to warm a heart, but it takes only a moment to cool a heart. Heart, cold, and no longer can be hot; never find anything that was once familiar with the temperature, become strange. And strange, seems to be the last best ending. Gradually, I don��t expect Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, no longer noisy, no longer arrogant and arrogant, no longer unreasonable, and become a mature and steady adult, a childlike world, no longer belongs to you. Gradually, we all learned to grow up, not noisy or noisy, quietly like everyone, really good people often say that your temperament hides the books you have read, the people you meet, then, you may see me now. Growth. We are slowly moving forward in the world, and the painful growth has gradually become the one we never wanted to become. But what about that? Many people will like you so mature, aren't they? Gradually we will all become their favorite appearance, that kind of ourselves, but still ourselves. When something happens, our first The reaction was where the other party was wrong Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa, but forgot to ask where he was wrong. I have never felt empathy, I only know how to be cold and warm, others are not you Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S, I don��t know all your thoughts. Sometimes, when you want to say your thoughts, when you find that the other person does not want to listen to the desire, you will stop your narrative, and gradually you will suffer in disappointment, he is confused, The gradual and far-reaching life trajectory will no longer meet the relationship between people, relying on that meager trust. Once broken, it will no longer heal the time and turn us into hard armor. The warriors, fighting in this battlefield without smoke, fighting themselves, fighting others, later became the most brave fighters. I really admire those who have been fighting to the end, can fight all the time, can go forward, it��s good. It��s always been a fight, no fear of the trust of those people. Come, I laugh and meet; you go, I will be your future. Simple life is not so easy for life for a few decades. Why can't you make yourself happy? In the past, you didn't have a heart; now you can do it, don't you? Laugh, even an expression, as long as You have done it, and gradually it will become what you want. What is it? The ever-changing world will always surprise you in the next corner Newport Short Cigareetes.

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