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The years are quiet
The years are quiet and the world is stable. This is Hu Lancheng��s commitment to Zhang Ailing. What I have been lingering in my mind today is this famous sentence, so I took the rest of the space and wrote it down to show my helplessness. In a big part of my life, I am always struggling with my own feelings, sighing for a short life, self-pity and self-pity, and always hiding in some dark corners. Feeling alive, I really don't want to be exposed to the sun, so that the body is full of mold, and it is getting heavier. This is not what I want. I know that his early morning was disturbed by a dream, and the words and deeds in his dreams were bold and dare to say that he dared to do it. It also surprised me. Is this the other side of the heart? It��s too late to be self-awakened. Looking at the fascinating lights outside the window, I realized that it was three more hours. Suddenly I felt that the dream was so real Cheap Cigarettes. I remembered that most of the dreams before would be portrayed in reality Cigarettes For Sale. Is this telling me what is wrong, unclear, and let it go, and it will be revealed at that time. . . When I got up in the morning, I did an indirect little trick when I was a child. The bad habits were accompanied by growth, and I took it for granted, because I really need it now to relieve stress. Consolation is that it does not happen often Carton Of Cigarettes, and my restraint is still possible. After self-comfort, then on the way to wash to work, still wait for the car to get off at the destination, and start the day's schedule Wholesale Cigarettes. This is the current ease. I know that yesterday��s reading of San Mao��s marriage and love is one of the best things in the world. It is the same for boys and girls. It is the greatest happiness in life. After reading it, I understand San Mao��s feelings for Jose. It is unique and unique. It is love built in marriage. Nothing in the world can be compared with it. I used to have a person who loves me. I didn't think about anything else. In fact, I can see more of my own thoughts and hearts at another level. I am willing to work with one person and support each other for the rest of my life. Standing on the 16th floor Newport 100S, I look at the Roman avenues and crossroads in front of me. Compared with the past, I have to be more quiet, and my mind is softer. I want to pursue the quiet pursuit of the world. I don't know. It��s right, it��s a little less, and it��s a little more wrong. This may be the best for myself. Follow the current thoughts. Although there is no old mountain, the artistic conception of the small bridge in front of the door, at least I am in my heart. It is often a lifetime, and it��s a long time to go up and down. It��s better to be quiet and calm, and to face a gap in life, let time take a hole. Contentment often today I am affirming my own uncertainty and I don��t want to be as sultry as ever. The breakthrough of these things can not continue to be buried, with the radiance of the sun shining, the people you cherish are looking forward to, can not let it down. I can't see it, some people are crying, seeing no, the face of laughter is strong and strong, can't see, the heart that still loves is worn out day by day, I can't see everything that is stubborn. See you
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