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In "Drea
In "Dream of Red Mansions", Qin Keqing is sick and dead, but it is generally believed that Qin Keqing's final outcome is "the sinister Tianxiang Building". This conclusion is mainly based on the "fat batch". In the TV series of CCTV, there were also Ruizhu��s inadvertent collisions with Jia Zhen and Qin Keqing��s adultery, and finally they had to ��touch the column and die��. However, some people have verified that this basis is not conclusive and is purely nonsense. After the 13th return of the scorpion, Zhu Zunyun: "Qin Keqing sinned Tianxianglou, the author used the history pen to delete the celery." This commentary is regarded as the important evidence of the process of writing a book in "Dream of Red Mansions". On the booklet of the 5th dynasty of the "Dream of Red Mansions", a cloud of dark clouds, a beautiful man hanging, a piece of jade fell into the sludge, the author hinted that " The destiny of a Chinese person, this is the "history pen", and the straightforward criticism of "Liu Zhai Zhai" is no longer a history pen. The commentary of "Let the Qinxi to be deleted" is not approved in the "unremoved" old manuscript of this paragraph, but in the final version of "deleted". Since the author of this book was deleted because of the "great compassion", the effect of "the matter has not been leaked" has been achieved. Then, why is the "fat approval" to expose this hidden matter and let the dead Qin Keqing was out of his ugly armor. Before the 13th return, he always approved the cloud: "There is no way to write down the Tianxianglou section." Qin Keqing��s prototype should be Qin Hongyu. Whether she is in the palace or dead, the authors are unacceptable. Therefore, "can not bear to write." "I can't bear to write a pen" is the author's portrayal. It means not writing. The total approval and the text of the previous one were copied at the same time, and the disapproval of the "disgusting Tianxiang Building" was returned to Zhu Zhu, which was obviously added by the descendants. The former "does not accept the pen" is not written, and from which Killed Qinxi to delete?" The contradictions and conflicts between the two can be proved that there is no version based on the fat approval of the "sexually sacred Tianxiang Building". "This time, there are only ten pages. Because the Tianxiang Building is deleted Cigarettes For Sale, there are only four or five pages. "This commentary is also untrustworthy. The 13th time of the Aizu Publishing House published by the People's Literature Publishing House is indeed 2 pages less than the 14th, but it is the same as the 15th. Is it the 15th time? What's more, to change the relationship and character of the characters, it is impossible to just delete some chapters. Qin Keqing's prototype should be Qin Hongyu, she is "cured by the disease." She is the sweetheart of Cao Xueqin, the embodiment of truth, goodness and beauty. "The right person." How could her final ending be "disgusting Tianxianglou"? Only those who do not understand "the taste" can add such a criticism. From the content point of view, the author should know Cao Xueqin. But this person, like the horror, is also a person who was fooled by Cao Xueqin. As for being smashed by two shackles, the incest and the sinister sorrow, Qin Keqing was extremely shy, so he hanged and ended his life. I am deeply impressed by my own blunders Newport 100S, and I am very remorseful. I am willing to be a woman who is willing to be a righteous woman. This kind of saying is alive and well, and it is purely artificial and lacks basis. Imagine: two The ring and Qin Keqing get along with each other, what can they win over them? Even if they bump into it Carton Of Cigarettes, they dare not say it. Not to mention the incest and affliction Jiafu in addition to Youshi, everyone is well aware, do not think that in addition, Baozhu, Rui Zhu is a beggar, and Li Yu��s husband, Jia Zhu, is the master. The names of Baozhu and Ruizhu are directly criminalized by Jia Zhu, and it is impossible in feudal society. They are just fictional characters of Cao Xueqin.
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