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m. In fact, when Grandpa
as cooled a lot. Mother, yelling at us to go home. We promised to go home immediately, but to return, but some are not reconciled to Grandpa, can��t drink fish soup, too much, we��re once again barefooted, crazy I went straight to the big and small stone seams Cigarettes Online. After catching a few squid, when I stretched my hand to another stone, I felt very cool and slippery, like a fish or scorpion, but I I clearly felt that it was big and big, and I couldn��t help but be surprised. I was holding the water snake. I wanted to let go, but I was afraid that it would just bite out after I let go, and that��s the only way to do it. I was able to catch it, and I stuck the other hand to death. I finally came out, like a snake head, but with a fish tail. It turned out to be a snake fish, about a pound. I sighed for a long time Cigarettes For Sale. Rain Parliament Cigarettes, the bigger the wind, the more windy. The mother, hoarse While we were hitting the umbrella, we were already drenched. Our clothes were already soaked, and we caught this strange thing like fish and fish. It was too excited, and it ran too fast. The pot was so strong that it took a lot of snakes. I even broke into the paddy field. I couldn't care for the heavy rain, and I couldn't care for my mother's shouting. My brother and I jumped into the field quickly. We chased and chased them, and when we saw the hand, we slipped out and slipped out of our hands. Once, the snake fish almost slipped back into the creek. In the rain, in the paddy field, we chased for nearly an hour, until the mother took the squatting net, we finally captured it again. When we caught this snake fish, our brothers were simply ecstatic. When the mother was a fish, Nasswen, meticulous, and tepid, was like deliberately creating the most beautiful scenery in the world. When the mother handed the good fish soup to Grandpa, Grandpa said that he would not drink anything. Before we called our brothers to go to bed, we had to let us drink, saying that this snake fish is especially good for the body. A delicious grandfather always leaves us with both Although the snake fish soup is particularly nutritious, it is even more so that Grandpa can drink the soup. Grandpa��s greatest expectation for our brothers is to study hard and to vote in the future. Therefore, after we discussed it, we said to Grandpa, "Grandpa, if you want to drink this soup, we will not study afterwards. Anyway, your health is not good, we are not motivated to read. After listening to this, Grandpa had to pick up. The fish soup. At that moment, I saw two rows of turbid tears falling from Grandpa��s cheek. "Okay, good, Grandpa drank this soup!" "Grandpa, while talking, while looking back, smiled and touched the heads of our brothers. "Come on, grandson, you try it first!" "Our brothers smiled and laughed and ran out of Grandpa's room. In fact, when Grandpa wanted to hand the scented snake fish soup to us, our saliva was already over the sea. But our brothers Unexpectedly, there is no mouth, it can be said that it is far beyond the desire of all of our age. When we think of "this fish is especially good for the body," we will enjoy the music. In the future, we often catch fish to drink for Grandpa. I hope that the fun of catching fish can always accompany us to grow up, and I hope that the fish soup can always be nutritious and grow older. The heavens are kind to us, one year, one year, another year. The longer we grow, the more we catch The skill of the fish is getting more and more sophisticated, but Grandpa, still peacefully slept in the sacred sun of Xitian, went to the delicious fish soup. From then on, the memory of my teenager is nourished, and my grandfather looks at me and my brother in heaven. Warm eyes.
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