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"There are two trees
"There are two trees in my yard, one is a jujube tree, and the other is a jujube tree." I forgot when I saw this sentence in Lu Xun��s article. At that time, I only thought it was nonsense, but now it is There are really two trees to borrow from the house, but one is a banyan tree and the othes on the left, as early as the four seasons of the year, is not surprising in the spring. However, the greenery extracted from the eucalyptus on the right makes me feel that this eucalyptus tree in some unreal memory seems to have no spring. From the spring to the winter, and then from the winter to the spring, it seems that only bare branches, it is like an old-fashioned and stubborn old man. The banyan tree has branches that lie in the Wolong Cheap Cigarettes, and it looks like a bark on the traces of the moss. The small town has never been short of rain, but it has never been said to be truly abundant, at least for such an ancient ape. On the bark that the eucalyptus is about to fall off, there is still a mark of burning on the sun, like the appearance that has never changed. So every time I see this banyan tree, I feel a little embarrassed in my heart. I don��t know if I walk too fast, forget Enjoy the scenery along the way; it is also the posture of the years, just leaving the film's desolate. However, it is true that the scenery in front of us is illusory - behind the tree is a red wall tile, like the cruel and ruthlessness of the banyan trees walking aimlessly across the streets Newport Cigarettes. Everything in the small town is very familiar, but it doesn't really look good. The small town has never changed its appearance. The magnolias on both sides of the street are still as comfortable as they were many years ago. But the strange time seems to be able to trace the years of childhood, the innocence of a face, the bright sunshine. At that time, I was so curious about everything new and beautiful, cautious, and wanted to touch. Perhaps I have seen the long leaves of this banyan tree at that time. Yes, I have never stopped. I don't know when I started to feel sneer at everything, no longer curious about so many unknown things. I recall that I want to paint the whole picture of the city, everything is just in vain. I can see the bustling streets in my heart, but I can't paint the lush green leaves anymore, and the smiles that my friends used to play when they play are so long and short. I thought that time would be long and long, and I lost my way. Surprisingly, I found that time is really short and short, so short that I have never had a direction. Close your eyes, as if you were still playing with the classmates in elementary school yesterday; it seems that yesterday was still studying under the lamp for an unpredictable entrance examination; it seems that yesterday and the girlfriends climbed one after another Carton Of Cigarettes. The building then laughed at the sky; as if... everything seems so many years ago is still vivid. Then I was surprised and regretted to discover that there were only a few of the thirteen years in my life. I never remembered what I was doing, and at the beginning of the year, I was looking for a good wind that I missed along the way.
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