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Time is like running
Time is like running water, everything in the past is like a mist, faint, and disappears in a blink of an eye. When I open the album of my childhood, I feel warm and warm, and slowly bloom in my heart. The past is yesterday, and the face is tomorrow. I am sitting today, holding a childhood album in my hand, holding a unique sense of freshness in the years of memory. Maybe listening to awkwardness, it��s the past years, so what��s new? In the past, in the blink of an eye, it is destined to be only the past. In fact, the years are the swords without a trace. It burns all kinds of experiences on your heart, or sadness, or laughter, and can never be erased as an accidental day. It will appear in front of you again, and it will not bring. It is a long-lost familiarity, but a stranger. That hen my sister and I were being smothered by the scent of the monk, I heard a few squeaks. It turned out that the chestnut was ripe and cracked. So I refused to give the father the ingredients. I took the black chestnuts from the ash and put them on my hands, and whispered. The shell of the chestnut head was peeled off, and the meat inside was golden and bright, giving off a strange aroma. The hot chestnut was put into the mouth, sweet and sturdy. I had a good time with my sister. Here, the father rolled his spatula and looked at us with a pair of eyes Marlboro Cigarettes, and sighed with a sigh. My sister and I immediately got to know each other. One ran up to hand the things to my father Newport 100S, and one handed a hot chestnut into my father's mouth. So, my father sighed again, but this time, it was a satisfying sigh. My father was very particular about eating crabs. When you eat, you should put the table under the grape rack. The moon is shining. The father is very proud of his cooking, saying that tday, I found this photo album when I was sorting things out. Slowly open, the first one is still very small, a silly man around the red apron, holding a water bottle in his hand, sitting on the mat, next to a pile of playing cards, a pair of clear and bright eyes Against the camera, the corner of the mouth raised a slight smile. Suddenly saw, I actually began to doubt, is this me? I curiously flipped through the photos one by one, for the freshness. Turning to the second one, my mother is holding me, I cry there loudly, and there are still dry tears in my eyes. I began to wonder why I was crying at that time? Then I turned to a graduation photo of the kindergarten. The dozens of children in the class took photos together, and there were two teachers. In my mind, I showed the picture of the picture that I made a few years ago. The series of things have gradually faded away with the passage of time. But these things happened to be in sight Wholesale Cigarettes, and there was a feeling that they had never met each other. I found my former self and found the happiness I used to have. Re-reading, there is a unique sense of freshness in the freshness of the years, simple and natural, just to find the real past.
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