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he corner of such a di
Today, I saw such a sentence - looking for the corner of the world, I feel very fit for the mood, so I feel that there is a little bit of awkwardness in this world. Some people say that it is very big and can make you imagine infinitely. Some people say that it is very small. I can't find a place where I can physically care for my area. Then, between the beginning and the end of the day, life is tempted, tired, helpless, painful, but at this moment, I am still thinking about a corner of the world - a corner where my soul and body can live in search of the world In the corner, when I can't vent my emotions, there, I can tear my eyes, take pains and sorrows, and completely confide my soul, so that the tentacles of the soul can spread there and make the soul The space is innocent, so I feel very stretched, very pleasant, very agile, very detached. At this moment, I am imagining the corner of such a distant world - a place where my soul and body can live. Looking for the corner of the world in the corner, when my joy and happiness need to be shared with others Carton Of Cigarettes, where I can dance with long sleeves, fascinated by the eyes, can easily call every activated cell in the body, and sweet and happy in my life. Holding up with my own infatuation, let him indulge in obsessed with me Cigarettes For Sale, forget the direction of coming and going, so at the moment, I am looking for this The corner of an ethereal world - a corner where my soul and body can live, even if it is rushing, even if it falls, even if it is bustling, I still use my fire of life to find such a corner of the world. Use my soul to sing a corner of this world and use all my love to warm a corner of the world. There, there is no worldly hypocrisy and worldly exaggeration, no despicable transactions and dirty hearts; there, you are the real you, and I am the complete me; there, we are a complete integration, the most Really naked self-photo, suddenly, I saw a black elf passing by the window under my lamp. The golden wings gave me a glaring light, and I felt my black greasy feeling. It seems that I I saw a colorful butterfly dancing - I am one of my dull heart lakes, so from now on, I have to carry the night clean, I want to make my heart clear, not allowed to be lost like a night tour; clearly remember the north The despicableness of the island is the pass for the despicable, and the noble is the epitaph of the nobles. Also remember the words of Haizi��s wide and frankness. If it is used, it is not the so-called face-to-face, is it warm? ...... So, from now on, between the Qinghui jade arms, I seem to have melted into the corner of the world I am looking for. From now on, I clearly saw the dance in the corner of the world. I really felt the soul and The light anastomosis of the body Newport Cigarettes Coupons...
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