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Maolin Xiuzhu
Maolin Xiuzhu, Cangsong Cuibai, clear stream, impetuous, cloud-ring foggy, beautiful and colorful... When I use my most beautiful language in life to describe my hometown, Yunxiao, this quaint and beautiful seaside town, What kind of passion is in my heart! I love Zhangzhou, I love Yunxiao, I love this hot spot that I raised my life. Embrace a love and enthusiasm, listen to a local accent Carton Of Cigarettes, sing a township, taste a cup of tea, and enjoy the charming four seasons of hometown, and integrate the deep nostalgia into the heart. The Chunjiang River has a thousand turns, and the soft waves are rippling. The year-round Lijiang River is flowing in this spring season, and it has a different style. On a sunny afternoon, along the riverside trails of the riverside, you will find that the beauty of life is just that. Strolling under the tree-lined trees, looking through the trees, the mother river of the Yunxiao people, the Lijiang River, is shining with the waves, the spring breeze passes through, the clear water surface is layering, letting you always With a touch of insatiable feelings, it is said that "the face is not cold and the willow wind". Standing on the bridge, let the breeze sweep over the cheeks, plucking the hair, the wind is sandwiched with the unique atmosphere of spring, faint, but it can make your heart vibrate. Looking up, the far is the mountain, the water is near, the blue sky, the clear silhouette, it seems more euphemistic than that of Jiangnan, more vital, just like an elegant landscape painting Marlboro Gold. In the summer, the summer is like water, and the hustle and bustle is flowing. The time is dancing in the clear sky, and the old colors in the old rows of old houses are engraved. When I walked in the light footsteps of the summer and descended on this small town, I walked on these few ancient streets in the sky. It didn��t have the traffic on the road, the sound of whistle; there was no crowd on the commercial street. Dongdong, screaming, some are just a few old banyan trees, the old man under the tree with open arms, shaking the big fan, the mouth is biting the mouth-watering just bought The bright red watermelon, occasionally a grandmother brought a bucket of cold water, splashed in the middle of the small street, sent a cool for the passing pedestrians. A few naughty little figures flashed from time to time in the middle of the street. Suddenly, a child screamed, and a child didn��t know where to get out Cigarettes Online. He grabbed another child��s clothes from behind, so the little street la
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