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ook a picture of my shoulder and
The trajectory of growth is rich and colorful because of the book, the book contains knowledge; contains the story; also contains the heart of my eighth birthday, my mother said to send me a gift. I thought to myself: What is it? So my mother took me to Xinhua Bookstore to read. Just entering the bookstore, the taste of the book is refreshing, let me indulge in it. At this time, I went to the children's area. When I first entered Newport 100S, I saw a lot of children reading in a relish, and some still used the book to excerpt good words. So, I turned around and finally saw a book I was interested in, "The Disciples." "Mom Cheap Cigarettes, you can also go to the book to see it!" After that, he opened the "Discipline" that exudes a book. I was enchanted by this book. My mother stood behind me for 10 minutes. I didn't know it. At this time, my mother took a picture of my shoulder and said to me, "Child, this book has been with you for 3 hours, we should go home." "Mom, I want to buy this book" I did not expect people and There will be feelings between the books. After my mother agreed, I took the book home with my heart and joy, and I finished reading the book in one breath. The book says that Baishanxiao is the first, then what is filial piety? Whenever I eat, I will give the leftovers and put the delicious food in the bowl, and hey, I will say that I am a good boy. This book taught me filial piety. Time flies, on the day of my 10th birthday, my mother sent me a Bing Xin's "Starry Spring Water", I began to read hunger and thirst, I was deeply moved by the feelings of missing my mother, I also understand the love of mother and daughter . In a twinkling of an eye, I was 12 years old and I was promoted to the first day of junior high school. My mother gave me a copy of Tagore's Poetry. I was a treasure, this is a book I have been eager to get. The life of junior high school is tense, and There is pressure, and after reading Tagore, my mood will suddenly become clear and open, and it will open my eyes. Bing Xin once said: "Tiger! Thank you for your sorrow and grief with my beautiful poetry. Thank you for your lofty philosophy and comforting the loneliness of my heart." At the age of 13, my mother gave me another copy of "Red". Rock, my mother wants me to know the efforts of my predecessors and I will never die. I have read the bitterness, pain, loneliness, concentration, and bitterness between the lines. The sorrows of the world and the tragedy of history tragedy are like the sharpest blade of blood. Our predecessors smashed it, swallowed it, preferring to break the liver and tears with a smile... Now I know not to any Difficult to bow.
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