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What is life? When asked about this question, many people are confused or smiled. Once upon a time, I once saw a track and field competition: a player fell to the ground, causing him to fall behind the opponent's half-circle, facing the audience's snoring, but he did not give up, the eyes are the perseverance that others can't read. . When I saw him running on the track, in an instant, I understood, what is life? Life is like a marathon. We are the players on the road. If you fall, you have to stand up. Doesn't it mean failure? Well, it��s not too late from now on. I��ve seen such a news, saying that a 70-year-old man has entered a youthful campus to study in his age. Those astronomical geographies that have long been settled at a certain stage with the passage of time Parliament Cigarettes. When the reporter interviewed him why he did it, the face that experienced the vicissitudes of life was smiling and said: "The biggest regret of my life is that I have not read any books Marlboro Red. Now I am still able to move my mind and learn from now. It��s not too late to start!�� Those who sighed the passage of time and how unfair the fate is, let��s see, when you blame everyone, when you are dying, why don��t you want to complain about it all day long? Start? The old man who is connected to the demise of the wind and the age is aware of this problem. What qualifications do you have to stop on the road of life? Sad people, fate never favors anyone. The successful person is not behind God��s care but his own persistence. Look at yourself, you still have a beat and a beating heart, showing that you still have the ability to learn, no, it is the motivation to learn, why not fight from now on? A song of tomorrow says that the ancients cherish the time, what are you hesitating when you regret the absurdity of the past? Work hard, whether you are a student, a white-collar worker, or any ordinary person, remember that there is no longer a time to stop looking at the light of others on the runway of life. We must continue to run with a firm belief! There is no shortage of talented people on the road to success Newport 100S. What is lacking is the person who insists on the runway of life. It runs forward from now on, no matter how late or late! Classmates, from now on, come on! GO! Go! Go!
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