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I have asked many people, what is love? Is it that men and women fall in love and fall in love? Still blindly refreshing? Is it mutual dependence and attachment? Maybe Cigarettes For Sale, maybe nothing. "Why ask the world what the situation is, just let life die." For the interpretation of love, I don't know too much Marlboro Lights. I have read a high school student's composition. At the beginning, I wrote, "After many years, if you have not, I will If you are not married, you can see that love takes time, you need to wait, the hero's hopes and fantasies, you can see that you are so in love. "I miss you, miss you, miss you"" Mo Wenwei's "Love" sang her right, the other side's lovesickness, love, love is a kind of torture, but can not bear to give up, keep speculation, you In my heart, there is a place where I exist. It is because I loved you from entering adolescence. I have always been ignorant of love. I dare not touch the commandment. Maybe someone crossed the warning line, but I think that. What is there, the simple love between men and women has no effect, but we are still children, education is not enough, the ability is too small, we know too little, we have no experience, no capital to fall in love, maybe someone puts the relationship between men and women Love, I want to be a life, say the promise, say the three words "I love you", but please don't hang the words "I love you" or become your own mantra. It seems so hypocritical. My mother told me that it is too early to bloom, it is not bright and beautiful, meaning that premature love is an immature performance of itself. It is better to wait for work, have a career, and have the ability to fall in love again! Now if love is delayed, it is an irresponsible expression of your own life path. I don't need the "love" that they say in the mouth. I have friends, I have relatives, I have what I want, I don't have what I can see, I don't want to be a great person, I don't want to. Going far away, I just want to do my own love simply. To us, it is too complicated. Our young age is just a fantasy. For it, there are many people around us who love us. In love, in addition to love and passion, more important is a responsibility
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