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. In recent years, the issu
he attitude of environmental protection is a main theme of this year, so we see things like green life, as well as about fishing, fish from the ancient Chinese Mencius to Denmark, how we look at fishing, in fact, are tight With the current environmental protection and sustainable development, it is a social responsibility for the candidates. It allows the candidates to go out of the study and think that today's one Chinese and one big country's commitment to the world is our propositional proposition for the college entrance examinations in 2010. From the above analysis, from the above analysis, we have every reason to believe that the essay proposition for the future college entrance examination is nothing more than a reflection of the relationship between man and nature. It is naturally the place we live on. Nature is not for human beings. Or missing. Nature has given human beings the material energy to survive, bringing true comfort to the human mind, bringing harmony to human vision. No matter today and in the future, human beings need clear rivers and lakes; they need dense forests and grasslands; they need to be overhead. A blue sky with white clouds. More than that, the first enlightenment education that humans accepted was also from nature. For human beings, nature gives too much, but sometimes gratitude and constant reflection will lead to a better life. The relationship between man and nature has always been the direction of the college entrance examination proposition. The essay topics in many places this year are obviously marked with "natural". The two emphasize that we should live in harmony with nature, rather than simply asking for nature and plundering! Keep the purity and pleasure of the soul in nature. Well, for 2010 candidates, this is a question that deserves attention. Caring about the relationship between people and society can live away from society Carton Of Cigarettes. People are a part of society, and human activities are inseparable from society. The so-called texts carry the road, the articles are combined for the time, then the direction of the college entrance examination composition is also the same. Paying attention to the society and paying attention to hot issues are inevitable in the composition. In recent years, the issue of left-behind children, migrant workers, and the problem of only children has always been a hot spot. It has been receiving much attention Wholesale Cigarettes. Especially in this year, there are many major things happening in China. If we do not put our own vision in real life, Pay attention to these events; if we just put the article's perspective on writing "the ancients", how can we fully express our concern for society when we talk about the full text and the "old people"? How can you reflect your hopes for the future? Therefore, if candidates want to get good grades in composition, in addition to a solid knowledge of the language and writing skills, they must have a deep understanding and thorough understanding of state affairs. Far from reality and relatively imaginary problems, I am afraid that it is not a part of the relationship between self and others. The unity of instrumentality and humanity is the basic feature of the Chinese curriculum. This year's part of the college entrance examination essay proposition has presented a trend of "transposition" thinking. From the perspective of overemphasizing self-focus in the past, we have turned to learn to pay attention to others. Of course Cheap Cigarettes, this is not to say that we only pay attention to others and not pay attention to ourselves. There is no absoluteization, but a change of thinking, but this change cannot but cause us to pay attention.
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