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according to objective law
ll be able to express themselves smoothly in the examination room, so as not to make the candidates unprepared and arbitrarily created. Worried about the philosophical color of essay digression, focusing on rational thinking composition is not only a essay level examination, but also allows candidates to pay attention to thinking in writing, accepting the education of life is a highlight of this year's proposition. This is reflected in the proposition that the title is very philosophical. For example, the essay title of National Volume II pays great attention to the examination of candidates' humanities literacy. To write this essay, you should express a clear understanding of "shallow reading" after emphasizing the meaning of "World Reading Day." Undoubtedly, the "shallow reading" can be discussed from the perspective of positive, negative or dialectical. The key point is that the viewpoint is clear and the details are unfolded. ��Shallow reading�� is in stark contrast to our controversial test-taking system and utilitarian reading with the exam as the ultimate goal. It represents a new direction of gaining practical ability and enjoyment in knowledge. I think that this is the only way to make reading more accessible, so that reading can grab the land in the spiritual world and all kinds of temptations of young people in this era of quick success and impetuousness. In the form of dialogue, the material presents several interpretations of different levels of ��shallow reading��, which once again confirms the examination of the essays in the college entrance examination Newport 100S. Another example is the essay title of Shandong Volume. The understanding of "shadow and light" in the words of Leo Tolstoy highlights the importance of strengthening students' psychological quality and cultivating problem-solving abilities. The biggest problem in life is how to properly handle adversity and good times, and deal with the moments of light and shadow in life. This is something everyone needs to face and think about. Using it as a material to proposition, speculation is self-evident. The proposition can best reflect the rational speculation of the Anhui volume and the Shanghai volume. The material given by Anhui Volume is a philosophical poem. If you read it and then play it, you can gain some wisdom and enlightenment: you must obey the nature of doing everything, adapt to local conditions, and act according to objective laws. It is not too deep and not a kind of lotus flower. It can also be said that it is impossible to engage in "one size fits all" and absolute The poem is written on the surface of the life of the Jiangnan water town, but it contains profound philosophies. The philosophy is mainly embodied in the "deep-growing of shallow-planted rice, not deep and shallow lotus", in different places, suitable for species. The things are different, so it can be introduced in other things as well. It must be adapted to local conditions and conform to the actual situation. The Shanghai volume is a essay with philosophical material. This essay question also tests the dialectical thinking of students, that is, the relationship between ��take�� and ��house��. If you want more opportunities, don��t worry too much about the small Lee et al Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Candidates can endure loneliness from the immediate interests and long-term interests. Don't pay attention to quantity and quality. Don't be eager for quick success, don't be impetuous, learn to wait, have a broader mind, start for future generations, etc., and guide the society. This phenomenon. The international concept, advocating environmental protection is related to everyone and plays a decisive role in people's lives. This point is also vividly reflected in this year's college entrance examination proposition, which is closely related to some of the current international concepts, including this time everyone sees the theme of the Expo is also environmentally friendly. In fact, since the end of 2009, the Copenhagen conference in China came back, we T
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