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ring pedestrians coming
The flower shop woman's "gossip", if I hear others appreciate her flowers, I even disdain, "She will grow like this, can plant any good flowers", I always think so. Just one day, my mother and I passed the flower shop, and my mother took me to buy some bonsai. Her face was like people saying, smiling. Seeing us, she enthusiastically stepped forward and introduced her various flowers to her mother. Perhaps the summer sun is too much for the outside world, and her house is full of white light, full of flowers. The grass is glaring, and the feeling of sorrow is like the spring of March. Her plain clothes are also particularly bright in the sunshine. The bright smile on her face seems to melt the ice of the heart Carton Of Cigarettes. Just introduce each flower carefully for my mother. She reorganized the leaves and sprinkled some water drops, like a dedicated mother, carefully combing the clothes for her children, but she also had a delicate heart. It happened that she looked at me and smiled at me. I remembered the prejudice against him before, and the ripples in my heart came up, but I could only smile at her. When my mother chose the flower, I used to help move it. She walked over with enthusiasm and said that it would help us to move it. If we didn��t wait for us to say something, she would lean over and use the left arm to ring the flower. In the center of the basin, he struggled to reverse his right hand and slowly dragged the bottom, carefully lifting it up slowly. I was very embarrassed, and I dare not go forward to help her. I had to watch it in a flustered manner. When she carefully installed the flowers, it had been a long time. She was sweating and sweating in front of her forehead. Posted on the forehead, but quickly said to us "I'm sorry, waited a long time", making me and my mother somewhat overwhelmed. After loading the flowers, she could feel that her tight muscles also slackened. When she left us, she even said a few words of thanks. Going far away, looking back, she also smiled in a cluster of flowers, the sun just poured, and cast a spot. The sun is speechless, she is speechless, I am speechless, whether it is also an understanding, witnessing this beautiful encounter, my meeting with the flower shop woman, I met with a delicate heart, just For a moment, it was gentle. Is there such a landscape that will touch you? Is there such a landscape that will make you positive? Is there such a landscape that will let you find the direction of life? If there is, it must be the flower shop at the corner, where the flowers are watered with the delicate heart of the woman, watering the coolness of a summer, watering the wonderful encounters and moving, and Ding Limei once wrote in the book People, things and things, people and things, there is always a place of communication, in a day, a moment, met with each other, it is mutual understanding and moving." And I just met you, the woman in the flower shop, met the rough Under the appearance of a delicate heart, when you are touched, it is the spring blossoms in your heart. [3rd] The sun is not good, the breeze is just right. Recalling the encounter with you that day, I can't help but smile. I think this is the best encounter in life. Combing a neat ponytail, tie the laces to the tightest, and ride the wind against the wind. The footsteps are fast, but it is difficult to cover up the sorrows. Recently, the school is heavy and heavy. At night, the sea is always stunned in the dim light. In the morning, I always struggle with the eyes from the bed. I really want to get rid of this flashy shackle, but I can turn around. Engulfed by silence. In order to adjust the state and look for the so-called "poetry and distance", I rode to the park alone, and everything seems to stop at the moment I met you. On the bright red runway in the park, you brushed the high ponytail, and the black hair went to the waist Cigarettes Online. Just one inch less and too big, and one inch more and more mature. You are wearing a red and white sweater, a pair of Nike sneakers, leaning forward slightly, looking flushed and panting. I was shocked, but I was still in the same place for a long while, for fear that you would reflect the colorful radiance of the bubble, and it would be fragmented with a touch. You are so beautiful, I am surprised, there is a beautiful person in life! You As if I saw my gaze, I smiled back at me, I nodded, and I curled my mouth. You wave your arms, take a big step, and keep running forward. When you turn around, your hair will always spin out a good-looking arc, like a squirting ink painting. One hundred meters, two hundred meters, you run tirelessly forward, encountering pedestrians coming and going, you always lightly flicker, carefully avoid them, never hit a person, occasionally When you look at the pedestrians on the road, you will always slow down, waving to them, laughing at the corners of your mouth. Under the sunshine, your orange warm smile seems to overflow from the dimples in your mouth. Your rhythm gradually slowed down, and the angle at which your legs and legs were lifted was not as high as it used to be. You opened your mouth and gasped with a big mouth, and the swing of the arm gradually became smaller, and the smile at the corner of your mouth gradually grew. I faded bit by bit, and I felt a little worried about my face. According to my experience of long-distance running, once I ran more than 500 meters, my breathing would be short and uneven, and my legs would be as heavy as lead. My eyes are blurred and my feet are beginning to numb and lift. I don��t realize that you are looking back. Just right on my worried scorpion, your eyes become firm, your eyes are heavy and clear, and you are striding. Run forward without any scruples. Finally, you ran theoriginal 800 meters, watching your back, my heart instantly became warmThanks for the bright sunshine of the time, in this swaying light-colored year, let me realize that since I choose to be far away, I will only look at the wind and the wind, and you will continue to run towards the end. I will always remember that I will also have good hopes and hopes. Running forward, just because I met you that time.
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