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dicated to his father, mother
Ye Weiyang, the meteor fell, even if the mark on the left bank was too deep, it was not enough to look back at the indifferent song of time on the right bank. Looking back, the beautiful dusk gradually faded away, and the bustling night was passing by. �� Emerging layers of halo, gently, I closed this book with a cover like green water ink splashing in watercolor, remembering you, the oblique wind on the porch was drizzling and empty, the fragrant sound of the ink was like this, and the clothes were fresh. , Splashing wet mood, leaving a heavy. Looking back, not yet ... "Watching" is a life and death note, profound, sad, beautiful. Seventy-three essays in "Watch" write about the death of father, mother's old, son's departure, friend's care, brother's hand in hand, failure and fragility, loss and letting go, perseverance and absolute Yingwu Longtai said it was a book dedicated to his father, mother and brothers. Some commentators believe that this book was written not only for the author's contemporaries Marlboro Red, but also for the previous and younger generation. In the book, the three generations of children who spread their wings, the mother who is about to leave, and the author who stood on the side of the road watched them with the same emotions, but different ways of expression. Long Yingtai wrote the feelings of three generations with her fluent brushwork, and wrote down the faintness, such as the candlelight coldly shining on the mountain wall, and the light of the unremembered look back to brighten the soul, so that each generation of readers can feel from it: more Regrets and regrets are nothing but the process of life. We can only go forward and use the present to fill the gaps and wounds of the past, meet with love and relief, reconcile with life, and look back to the future. In "Watching", Long Yingtai obviously extended his brushstrokes to the inner world of "people", using prose to describe the sadness and joy in life Newport 100S. She recounted that the blood of the relationship was thicker than the water, and also the helplessness and pain of the heart, but it was more about telling people the importance and preciousness of the relationship Newport Cigarettes. "As children of parents, as children Parents, each other ��s identity, is converted in the sights again and again throughout their lives-only the first sight
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