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A window is also called
A window is also called a window. It refers to an opening in a wall or roof that allows light or air to enter the room. It can be seen from the definition of window that window v can not only let sunlight and air run into the house, but also block sunlight and air outside the house. Depending on the material of the window, it can be divided into wooden windows, iron windows, aluminum alloy windows, glass windows ... Windows can be round, rectangular, square, polygonal and other shapes. But no matter how the window changes Cheap Cigarettes, the function of the window is the same. We can see all kinds of windows every day, either open or closed. Window and our life are closely linked. It can be said that window has witnessed our sweet and bitter life. Into a house, what kind of person is the owner of the house, just look at the window to know. A enthusiastic person likes to open the window of the house, and he likes to dress the window warm and beautiful; a cold person likes to close the window of the house tightly, and let the window be dusty or even run down. There is a saying in the Bible��God closes a door for you and opens a window for you. There is no such thing as a sky. When the door cannot be reached, the window is our entrance. For example, when a residential building caught fire, many people escaped from the window. Of course, there are thieves crawling in and out of the window, but this is not the fault of the window, it is the ugliness of human nature. The window can also pass on love. At night, a warm light lit up the window sill Marlboro Cigarettes, which was the heart lamp left for the returning people. During the day, a beautiful flower moved on the windowsill, and it was certain that its owner was a caring person I have read a story about an old police officer, who opens the window for the lonely old man who lives on the street with reduced mobility at 2 o'clock every night, because at this time there are no cars on the street and the air quality the best. It can be seen that as long as a person is full of love, opening and closing windows are all about loving life, loving family, loving others, and loving society. Of course, opening and closing windows depends on the weather. If it is rain or snow, you should close the window; if it is windy and sunny, you should open the window. Life needs warm sunlight and air, but it doesn't need wet rain and ice and snow windows to be silent. We can choose to open or close them, just like we open and close our "heart window".
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