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When faced with
When faced with life choices, we all want to choose the shortest way to get happiness as quickly as possible. However, this is one of the most classic misunderstandings about happy life Marlboro Cigarettes. I remember reading a book called Henry VIII and his six wives. At that time, I did n��t understand why when he killed his first wife, why would a woman go to Tang Wuhu to marry him? Now I wo n��t ask this kind of question. He killed a wife, and there must be many women in the back to recommend pillows, because he is Henry VIII, married to him, he is a queen, and his children can be inherited. Throne. After all Marlboro Gold, this is the shortest way. Although it is the shortest way to death from the results, before the final result comes, many women will think that this is the shortest way to happiness. Some roads look short. In fact, it is difficult to walk; some roads seem difficult, but in reality, they are getting wider and wider. However, if it was not forced to the edge of the cliff, who would jump down? Even jumping might be a better world. People, especially women, like ease and stability Newport Cigarettes, and like to get everything without any effort. Many times, we don't envy those Olympic champions, think they are too hard, we can't afford those hardships. We always say that it is better to marry well than to do well. In fact, this is the most classic misunderstanding about happy life. Many seemingly short roads are actually the hardest and least likely. They just look easy, as if there is only one step away from success, but to take that step, it takes more than luck. Therefore, it is better to grit your teeth and treat life as a long journey. Perhaps, when we finally reach the apex of glory, we will find that there are beautiful scenery all around us. There is no need to tie up, please, and cater to anyone. We've got everything we want. So, if we are unfortunately not born in a giant, unfortunately we are not young with both beauty and wealth, then we are not really unfortunate. There are many happy women in this world, but they are by no means all young, beautiful and wealthy. It is really unfortunate for a woman not that they have not found a shortcut to happiness, but that they think they have found it, but after a lifetime, they discover that this road is the farthest road and does not lead to anywhere
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