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How to Judge Whether Washer Motor Is Broken
If the washer motor is broken, it does not run, and most of them have odor, that is, the smell of insulating varnish, which can generally be heard. The reason why the washer motor does not turn is usually the motor winding burnt or partial short circuit, open circuit, bearing and motor shaft lock, rotor failure, etc. These faults can cause the Washer Motor to not rotate. Maintenance method: 1. Place the multimeter in the resistance file, measure the coil winding, connect one test lead to the common winding, and the other test lead is connected to the main winding and the secondary winding in turn, measure the resistance value, and the normal winding resistance value is generally Between ten to three tens of euros. It is enough to re-circulate the resistance. Pay attention to the wire diameter of the enameled wire, and the number of turns should be the same as the original one. 2. If you turn the rotor with your hand, if you can't turn it, it means that the bearing inside the motor may be worn out and you can replace it.
How to repair the washing machine, (fault judgment)
Step 1: Make sure the washing machine is plugged in. Check the power cord, plug, and outlet. If the wall switch is used to control the outlet, make sure the wall switch is open. Find a brown fuse or circuit breaker on the main line screen.
Step 2: Make sure the control knob is fully set to the ON position and close the washing machine door. Check the door lock to make sure there are no cotton and laundry soap dirt.
Step 3: Make sure the faucet is turned on and the drain hose and soap return hose are stretched out without knotting. If the washing machine has a water saving button, be sure to press it.
Step 4: To ensure proper water temperature, check the temperature selector switch on the control panel to ensure that the water temperature is set correctly. Also check the thermostat of the water heater. The heater temperature should not be lower than 49 degrees Celsius. The washing machine is equipped with a washing tub and a blender, and various circulation modes control the water temperature.
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