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Startup Of Freeze Dry Machine
Freeze Dry Machine is a method that freezes water-containing substances into a solid state in advance, and then sublimates the water in the solid state into a gaseous state under a vacuum state to remove the water and preserve the substances.  The original chemical and biological characteristics of the articles obtained by the drying method are basically unchanged, and the articles are easy to store for a long time; after being added with water, the articles can be restored to the form before freeze-drying, and the original biochemical characteristics can be maintained; therefore, the drying method is a high-quality drying method.  Therefore, freeze dryer has been widely used in chemical industry, food, materials, medicine, biological products and other fields.  So let's see how the freeze dryer starts.
1. Start the air compressor first, and wait until the system pressure approaches 0.7MPa and the air compressor runs normally before operating the freeze dryer.
2. When the system pressure is close to 0.7MPa, switch on the power supply of the freeze dryer and close the air switch. At this time, the power indicator (red) on the equipment meter will be on. 
3, if the water cooled, should open the cooling water in and out of the valve.  (In winter, the cooling water inlet and outlet valve may not be opened first, and the cooling water inlet and outlet valve may not be opened until the freeze dryer is started). 
4. Press the green start button, and the contactor will close. The indicator lamp (green) to be started will be on. After 5 minutes, the indicator lamp (green) to be started will be off. The compressor will start to run and the operation indicator lamp (green) will be on.  At the same time, check whether the compressor turns correctly: immediately observe the refrigerant low pressure (pressure dew point) and refrigerant high pressure gauge after starting up. If the refrigerant low pressure (pressure dew point) gauge gradually drops and the refrigerant high pressure gauge gradually rises, the compressor turns correctly.  On the other hand, if the high and low pressure gauges of the refrigerant are not moving (slightly shaking in situ) and the compressor noise is too large, it means that the compressor is not turning correctly and the phase sequence of the power supply is wrong. At this time, it should be stopped within three seconds and the power supply phase sequence should be changed to make it correct before starting. 
5. After observing for 5 ~ 10 min, the air treated by the freeze dryer can reach the dew point of the design pressure of 2 ~ 10℃, while the normal range indicated by the refrigerant high and low pressure meters is as follows:
Refrigerant low pressure: R22 and r407c0.3 ~ 0.5mpar134a 0.1 ~ 0.3mpa
Refrigerant high pressure: R22 and r407c1.2 ~ 1.6mpar134a 0.7 ~ 1.1mpa
6. Slowly open the copper ball valve on the automatic drainer to allow the condensed water in the air to flow into the drainer and drain out of the Vegetable Drying Machine through it.

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